Bralettes Reimagined: How Bramis are Changing the Game

Are you ready to shake up your wardrobe with something playful and chic? Allstella is here to lead the charge with their trendy bramis, blending the best of bras and camisoles into one fabulous top. It's not just a garment; it's a style revolution. 


What exactly is a brami?

Think of it as the cooler, older sister of the bralette. It's a hybrid top that combines the best features of a bra and a camisole. Its built-in cups and snug fit offer the support you need, while the longer length provides extra coverage and a touch of modesty. It's the perfect blend of comfort and style, giving you the freedom to move without sacrificing support.


Why choose them over a bralette?

Well, let us break down the reasons why you should ditch your bralette for this trendy padded top:

  • Support, support, support: While bralettes are cute and all, they often lack the support that many of us need. Bramis, on the other hand, are designed with built-in cups that provide lift and shape, giving you the support you crave without the discomfort of underwires.
  • Coverage without compromise: One of their most significant advantages is its longer length. It covers more of your torso, making it the ideal choice for those low-rise jeans or high-waisted skirts. No more awkward peek-a-boo moments or constant tugging to keep your bralette in place.
  • Versatility for days: Bramis are the chameleons of the fashion world. They can be worn as a standalone top, layered under a sheer blouse, or even as a gymwear option. The possibilities are endless! Plus, with their wide range of colors and styles, you can find a style to suit any mood or occasion. 
  • No more compromising comfort: Let's face it, ladies. Comfort is key when it comes to our clothes. These innovative tops are made from soft, stretchy fabrics that move with your body, providing all-day comfort. No more digging straps, pinching wires, or pasties.


Styling Tips

The versatility of Allstella's padded crop tops means they can be styled in multiple ways:

  • Casual Chic: Pair the Double-Strap Crop Brami with your favourite jeans for a relaxed yet stylish look. Perfect for a day in the park or a casual coffee date, this outfit is both comfortable and chic. Add a denim jacket for an extra layer on cooler days.
  • Evening Glam: The One-Shoulder Cut-Out Brami is your go-to for a glamorous night out. Pair it with a sleek skirt and heels for that wow factor. This look is ideal for dinner dates or evening events—Accessorise with a clutch and statement earrings for added glamour.
  • Workplace Ready: For a professional look, match the square-neck Button Down Crop Brami with tailored trousers and a blazer. This combination strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and modern style.
  • Brunch Style: Opt for the Sleeveless One-Shoulder Brami with a midi skirt for a chic brunch outfit. This outfit is breezy and elegant, perfect for a sunny weekend outing. Complete the look with a wide-brimmed hat and a crossbody bag.
  • Athleisure Trend: The High Neck Brami paired with joggers or leggings is perfect for a sporty yet trendy look. This outfit is great for a casual walk or running errands. Add a pair of stylish trainers and a baseball cap to complete this athleisure ensemble.
  • Layering Love: Layer the Backless Tie-Up Brami under a cardigan or sweater for those cooler days, combining warmth with style. Pair with jeans and ankle boots for a cozy, stylish outfit.

Caring and Washing

Keep your top looking fabulous by hand washing it in cold water with a mild detergent. Avoid bleaching and lay it flat to dry, ensuring it stays as stunning as the day you bought it.

Conclusion: The Brami Revolution

Ladies, it's time to say goodbye to traditional bralettes and embrace the brami revolution. Once you experience their charm, there's no going back. With Allstella, you'll never have to compromise on style or comfort again. Rock that brami and own your look!

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