Choose your Pad size for our bramis

To choose your pad size, go to the product page of the brami top you wish to buy, you will see an option: Pad size

Here, you will see three size options for pad size: small, medium, large. Now, we recommend the following sizes as per bust size:

  • Small: 32
  • Medium: 34
  • Large: 36

Choose the option that suits your body type. We have mentioned in the Product description our recommended sizes. However, as all body types are different, we offer you the choice to choose as per your preference.

Lastly, click on "add to cart" button. Now proceed to the cart and complete the checkout process.

Sizing chart

  • XS: Chest: 32-34; Waist: 26-28
  • S: Chest: 34; Waist: 28-30
  • M: Chest: 34-36; Waist: 30-32
  • L: Chest: 36; Waist: 32-34
  • XL: Chest: 38; Waist: 34-36
  • Our model, Pranali is wearing a size XS in most designs

  • Our model, Aayushi is wearing a size S in most designs

  • Our model, Shachi is wearing a size M or L in most designs

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